Candle Light of Birthday

Thoughts shaken by the candle light Live from here Stay alive so far Is the number of candles a number of sadness? Or is it hope? Or regret? Tears in eyes If I blow out the fluctuating feeling One more I became an adult   【 誕生日のキャンドルライト 】 キャンドルライトに  ゆれる想い    ここから生きて     ここまで生きて 蝋燭の数は  悲しみの数?    それとも希望?      または後悔       目に涙 … Continue reading Candle Light of Birthday


You Know That

You know You know You know that To you Confirmation I'd like to To you A story to tell It's nothing A-ha-ha A-ha-ha A-ha-ha A-ha I'm going to laugh I will laugh A-ha-ha A-ha-ha A-ha-ha A-ha Because there is nothing Just laugh Oh funny   【 あのねのね 】 あのね あのね あのねのね あなたにね 打ち明け話 したいんだけど あなたにね 打ち明ける話 なんにもないの あはは あはは … Continue reading You Know That

Princess in the Box

The princess in the box Does not know outside Whatever she sees She is in the box Whatever she listens to She is in the box She does not know That she is in the box She does not know That there is something outside Singing and playing   【 箱の中の姫君 】 箱の中の姫君は  お外のことがわからない    なにを見ても     箱の中       なにを聞いても … Continue reading Princess in the Box