Beyond the Fog

I can not see it from here On the other side of this fog There is something There is someone Like that evidence Sometimes I hear sounds As if to call Even the voice of a kind person seems to arrive. I hope to reply to that voice Because the expression of the partner Cannot … Continue reading Beyond the Fog



I do not like a puddle It seems like a child who only makes me sick It seems like a child who was left behind It seems like a child who don't stop crying forever     【 ミズタマリ 】 ミズタマリ ハ キライ イジワル バカリ スル コドモ ミタイ デ オイテキボリ ニ サレタ コドモ ミタイ デ イツマデモ ナキヤマナイ コドモ ミタイ デ

On the Wind

On a blue wind When I go On a white wind As you came After colliding Become light blue The wind is not blowing Anywhere anymore.   【 風に乗って 】 青い風に乗って 僕が行くと 白い風に乗って 君が来て ぶつかったら 水色になって もうどこにも 風は吹いていないのです。


Even though roots, stems, Leaves and buds are present, The flowers are only flowers As flowers. Whether or not insects lodge, Flowers are blooming Because they are flowers, And they are scattered Because they are flowers.   【 花 】 根も茎も  葉も芽もあれど     花はただ      花として花  虫が寄ろうが  寄るまいが    花ゆえに     咲き       花ゆえに        散る

Drop of the Star

I was still a child Your eyes looking up at the night sky Like somehow I'm doing something wrong I was looking up secretly One shooting star Two shooting stars Three shooting stars Then you gently close your eyes As you wish     【 星のしずく 】 夜空を見上げる あなたの瞳を まだ子どもだった私が なんだか悪いこと してるみたいに こっそりと 見上げていたら 流れ星がひとつ 流れ星がふたつ 流れ星がみっつ … Continue reading Drop of the Star