Please Read

Ah. You are reading. Thank you very much, really. Wow, you are a nice person. To read such a pity. No no, it is unexpected. There is no ruin. I think so more than my true, yes. Because there is no content in any way. My head and the line are empty. Still you have … Continue reading Please Read


Do Not Read

Hey, you. Why are you reading? You, you. You are reading this. Yes, you are. Do not feel blurred. Ah. You have read it yet. It's written as "Do Not Read". So, do not read it anymore. Do not you understand the meaning? What are you laughing at? It is not a joke. Ah. Still … Continue reading Do Not Read

We Cannot Save It

People do not feel like rescuing those Who can not be loved Especially if it is a disgusting person If you can not love yourself and you feel disgusted You can not even save yourself     【 救えない 】 愛せぬ者を  救う気にはなれぬ    厭わしき者であれば     なおさら 己を愛せず  厭わしくさえ感ずるなら    己さえ救えまい

Hope’s Bubble

Hope is Like a bubble With a buzz Born in the water With fluffy Ascending underwater Snatch Break on the surface of the water It clearly It disappeared.     【 希望の泡 】 希望は   泡のように  ブクブクと    水底で生まれ フワフワと   水中を昇り  パチンッと    水面で割れて   それっきり     消えちゃった

Tomorrow and Yesterday

"Where is tomorrow?" "Maybe it's just a bit higher than today." "Where have yesterday gone?" "Now you are stepping on it firmly!"   【 明日と昨日 】 「明日はどこにあるの?」 「たぶん、今日よりほんのちょっと高いところ」 「昨日はどこへいったの?」 「今、君がしっかり踏んでいるじゃないか!」