Sleeping Pond

I was fishing in a nearby pond. There was no harvest at all,and I seemed to have fallen asleep. I had a dream of becoming a fish. I swam in the water at will,and there was a delicious insect,so I swallowed it. As soon as I got a sharp pain like a needle stuck. I … Continue reading Sleeping Pond


Heaven is a fun place. When the good man dies, The soul rises to heaven And lives with angels in heaven. Liked, loved, featured,Impressed, welcomed, praised and praised, Stroked, rubbed, lifted The climate is warm or coolGentle sunlight and a pleasant breeze blowing There are all kinds of delicious drinks,There are all kinds of delicious … Continue reading Heaven

Tome Photo Museum – Dolls in My House

Image and sound by Tomkantyou 371 photos of dolls in my house BGM: Short instrumental music "The Road That Lasts" "For the Time Being" “I Can’t Figure It Out” “I Don’t Think of Anything” "I Have to Do Something" "A Night to Do Nothing" "Please Come Again" "Bee's Nest" "Gather Everyone" "I Have to Do … Continue reading Tome Photo Museum – Dolls in My House