Midnight Amusement Park

We will inform you.Our amusement park will be closed time soon. Customers who can not find the exit may not be able to leave forever if the closing time is over, so please be careful. Although I say that it is a lot of fun at midnight amusement parks, it is a very dangerous spacetime in proportion to it. … Continue reading Midnight Amusement Park


A Gatekeeper

That was a fine gate. It was as wonderful as anyone could draw on painting.It was about wanting to enter. "Welcome."It was not too high, it was not too low, it was quite a felt voice. "I was waiting for you" Probably people would call him also a gatekeeper.The man told me the house. Surprisingly it … Continue reading A Gatekeeper

Mother and Child

On the cliff overlooking the majestic ocean, there was a mother and child figure that looked unbalanced. A beautiful lady was hugging an ugly baby. The lady stared at the far horizontal line, and the baby was looking up at the mother like that. Unexpectedly, lady was attacked by dizziness, lost consciousness and fell on the cliff. The baby … Continue reading Mother and Child