Junks in the Dark

It's a dark cave-like place.Reminiscent of an iron bridge buried in the soil. I should have come here in search of something.But I can not remember. Things that should be called junk are scattered. If it is food, it is completely rotten.Tools and machines are useless. As with my friends, they aren't bad guys.Harsh tsk-tsking, … Continue reading Junks in the Dark

I Got Scared

You are walking in front of me, maybe you are not me? I was about to call you involuntarily, I got scared on the way and stopped. Because, in the moment,I feel like I can hear from you behind me.  【 怖くて 】 私の目の前を歩いているあなたはひょっとして私ではありませんか? 思わず声をかけそうになって途中で怖くなってやめてしまった。 だって、ほら、その瞬間に背後から声をかけられそうな気がして。