At the Ranch

Cattle Cattle Cattle on the ranch The pattern of your side flank Looks exactly like that sky cloud Stay away from the stable With its small eyes What to see? The grass swallowed by you will make a round trip Between your stomach and mouth every time So Cattle Cattle in the ranch That rusted … Continue reading At the Ranch

Clock Tower Protector

If you compare the endlessly expanding universe to the sea, the old clock tower is away from the island. An old man of clock tower protector lives on a small island, and there is no other dweller besides him. It is the job of the old man to wrap the screws of the clock tower, … Continue reading Clock Tower Protector

A Distant Place

We have come to such a distant place seeking something, No matter how a foolish child chase a rainbow, how can he or she not catch up Even if we finally arrived, the far place that we asked was not here It is not here anywhere, here is just here.  【 とおいところ 】 ぼくたちは それぞれ なにかを もとめて  こんな とおいところまで きてしまった けれど  おろかな こどもが にじを おいかけても  いくら おいかけても  … Continue reading A Distant Place