Disturbance of Space-Time

Due to the gravitational variations of the planets in series, time earthquakes and time collapse occurred, that is, the space-time was disturbed and I could not return to the future. "Hey, that's not a joke!" I made a flicked it's forehead to a monitor that keeps on displaying "connecting" forever, not to break. What is … Continue reading Disturbance of Space-Time

My Fingers

I wish my little finger was a dwarf pillow I wish my ring finger was blocking your wound I wish my middle finger was in the middle of the world I wish my index finger was a laser pointer I wish my thumb scold me once in a while   【 僕の指 】 僕の小指が 小人の枕 だったらいいな 僕の薬指が 君の傷口を 塞いだらいいな 僕の中指が 世界の真ん中 だったらいいな 僕の人差し指が レーザーポインター だったらいいな … Continue reading My Fingers