You stand up.You seem to have returned home all the time. "Wait a moment."I close the doorway in a hurry."You do not have to go home yet?""No, I guess there should not be any problem even if I return home." Why do not you agree with me so much?I am impatiently racing. "A picture of my … Continue reading Good-bye


Exchange Shop

Easy business will be few, but the exchange shop is not easy, either.It is work to change what you can not replace. Today as well, harder and more difficult orders come in. "Change my old wife to a new one.""I'd like to make my legs like antelope.""Because the direction of the house is bad, please fix … Continue reading Exchange Shop

Flute Player’s Woods

FThere is a forest at the foot of a mountain, which is rare, but when the wind blows from the direction of the mountain you hear the sound of a beautiful flute. Therefore, those in the village call the forest "Flute Player's Woods". Even though I hear the sound of flute, something terrible or happy does not happen, but I feel … Continue reading Flute Player’s Woods