Monster Slimy

I woke up in the middle of the night. It was a terrible nightmare.Both underwear and futon were wet with sweat. The bedroom was perfect darkness. When I got up to change clothes,something strange struck me in the head. There can not be such a low ceiling.I tried touching with my hands, it was slimy. … Continue reading Monster Slimy

Sunny Place

A meteorite fellon your sleeping sunny place. You lost color, shape and weight,and only a few voices remained. "Because I was bornI wanted to be born" We have a big holebut it is still a sunny place.  【 陽だまり 】 あなたの眠る陽だまりに隕石が落ちてきたのです。 あなたは色と形と重さを失いわずかに声だけが残りました。 「わたしが生まれたわけはわたしが生まれたいと望んだから」 大きな穴があいてしまったけどそこは今でも陽だまりです。 

Cow Door

This is a green ranch.A big cow eats grass. A bit differentThere is a door on the flank of the cow. When you open the doorWhat a lovely refrigerator! Behind the doorBottled milk is chilling. On the back shelfEven sliced ham is kept. This is a green ranch.A big cow eats the grass.  【 牝牛のドア 】  ここは緑の牧場。 大きな牝牛が 草を食はむ。 … Continue reading Cow Door