Mud and Tree

Called mud The woman who continues to live like a mud Now sits on the mud floor And tears on the mud floor Dark room entranceA man who is thin like a tree has no way to do it  Stands like a tree And just looks down like a tree The fort of time Even the sound of the … Continue reading Mud and Tree


Ant Lion

Elementary school student's summer vacation.A loud voice of cicada. I climb the stone steps of the shrine while counting the number of steps. Always more or less. A rope is wound around the torii.An old shrine is erected at the top. Go under the shrine floor. The floor was high and easy to do.It's full of … Continue reading Ant Lion

Guitar Improvisation Song

If you play the guitar around a burning fire it sounds like an old song. There was a painless love.There was a fleeting dream. That and this everyone, everyone, everyone, bursted open with noises. 【 ギター即興曲 】 焚き火 囲んで ギター 弾けば    古き歌など    聞こえます。 切ない恋も ありました。    儚い夢も    ありました。 あれも これも みんな みんな    みんな パチパチ    はぜました。

Tangled Thread

"Say, I love you."She spews thread. "I love you."That thread twines about me. "Love me, show me it."I will show off to her. "I am loved by you."Her thread controls me. "Me too."And bind me. "I love you."She begins eating me. 【 絡まる糸 】 「愛してる、って言って」彼女が糸を吐く。 「愛してる」その糸が僕に絡まる。 「愛してる、ってやってみせて」僕は彼女にやってみせる。 「愛されてるのね」彼女の糸が僕を操る。 「私も」そして、僕を縛る。 「愛しているわ」彼女が僕を食べ始める。