Spider Web House

When I returned to my country, my house was full of spider web. I struggled to find the keyhole of the entrance door. When I unlocked the key from the keyhole, the spider's children scattered. Even though it was midday, the inside of the house was dark.It was covered with a spider web from the ceiling to … Continue reading Spider Web House


Women’s Mystery

Women do love fortune-telling Women laugh at giggles Women stretch their nails Women lick their lips Women shed crocodile tears Women pretend not to know Women scrape their hair Women gloomy rest their cheek on their hand Women carefully make up Women look stupefied Women close their eyes Women make mysteries 【 女たちの謎 】 女たちが 恋占いをする 女たちが クスクス笑う 女たちが 爪を伸ばす … Continue reading Women’s Mystery

Flute Player’s Woods

FThere is a forest at the foot of a mountain, which is rare, but when the wind blows from the direction of the mountain you hear the sound of a beautiful flute. Therefore, those in the village call the forest "Flute Player's Woods". Even though I hear the sound of flute, something terrible or happy does not happen, but I feel … Continue reading Flute Player’s Woods

The Fight Is Over

The fight is over There is no winner The fight is over Only the losers The fight is over There is no one who grieves it The fight is over None are pleased with it The fight is over No voice of relief The fight is over Just blowing wind 【 戦いは終わった 】 戦いは終わった        勝者はいない  戦いは終わった        敗者ばかり  戦いは終わった        それを悲しむ者はいない  戦いは終わった        それを喜ぶ者もいない  … Continue reading The Fight Is Over

Important Thing

It is difficult to explain what it is, but in any case, I accidentally destroyed that very important thing. Therefore, I felt like a dead, I gathered the fragments of the important thing that was shattered, eventually gave up and gathered those who gathered up and thrown away. That's how I spent all the time without any meaning at all, like a wave … Continue reading Important Thing