Candy House

My house is a sweet home."I am hungry!" After eating the entrance door of the board chocolate and entering the living room of Baumkuchen, there was a cookie daddy and short cake mom. "Wow, it looks good!" When I began gnawing the shins of my parents, a karinto brother who had a konpeito dog came back and competed with … Continue reading Candy House


Gentle Elephant

An elephant was walking. The elephant who was looking down at the foot while walking noticed that an ant was on the ground. (I'm sorry if I stepped on the ant.) The gentle elephant decided to change the position of his feet. Then he noticed that a snail was there.(I'm sorry if I stepped on the snail.) … Continue reading Gentle Elephant


I am a bicyclePlease do not ride anyone Raise my standSitting at my saddle Grasp my handleStepping on my pedal The wheel turnsI move The wheel turnsYou also move The two runCut the wind Far awayTo far and far Your feet carry you Please carry with me as well 【 自転車 】 私は自転車 どなたか乗ってくださいな  私のスタンド上げて 私のサドルに腰かけて  私のハンドルつかんで 私のペダルを踏んで  車輪がまわる 私が動く  車輪がまわる あなたも動く  … Continue reading Bicycle