Pool Water

When I jumped into the pool my body melted in the water. That happened in a flash. Surely the disinfectant was too strong. Or because I was born Aquarius? Oh, is that so? Oh, I do not understand well. My brain has also melted together. It floats on the surface of the water, my swimsuit … Continue reading Pool Water

Your Portrait

I have painted your portrait with my tears. Your eyes look like the moon floating on the lake. They are easily moved by a tiny wave, and they are slowly disappeared into the ripple.

So as Not to

The horizon Where the brunettes grew Someone's finger walks So as not to be swept by a river of hair  【 せぬように 】 うぶ毛の生えた地平線   誰かの指が   散歩する  くれぐれも   髪の川に流されたり   せぬように