Pool Water

When I jumped into the pool my body melted in the water. That happened in a flash. Surely the disinfectant was too strong. Or because I was born Aquarius? Oh, is that so? Oh, I do not understand well. My brain has also melted together. It floats on the surface of the water, my swimsuit … Continue reading Pool Water

Your Portrait

I have painted your portrait with my tears. Your eyes look like the moon floating on the lake. They are easily moved by a tiny wave, and they are slowly disappeared into the ripple.  【 君の似顔絵 】 君の似顔絵を なみだで描いた 君の瞳は 湖面の月    小さな波紋に    ゆれて壊れる 

A Carousel

You are going to go somewhere while round and round The same place like a carousel forever and ever are just around Over and over you just keep going round and round You will be there anytime never stop going anywhere  【 回転木馬 】 どこかへ行こうと あせりながら  おんなじところを ぐるぐるぐるぐると  回転木馬のように  いつまでもいつまでも まわっているだけで  繰り返し繰り返し  ぐるぐるぐるぐると まわり続けるだけなので  おまえときたら  いつになっても そこにいて  いつになっても どこへも行かない。 

So as Not to

The horizon Where the brunettes grew Someone's finger walks So as not to be swept by a river of hair  【 せぬように 】 うぶ毛の生えた地平線   誰かの指が   散歩する  くれぐれも   髪の川に流されたり   せぬように