Child’s Opinion

I did not choose parents,I can not have chosen the country. That is why I was born in an unknown countrywith unknown people as parents. At first, I was young, weak and bad,I could not do anything,I could not even live to not be helped by someone. As adults live for a relatively long time,they … Continue reading Child’s Opinion

Snake Logic

If A is stronger than B and B is stronger than C,in general A is considered stronger than C. However, it may not be established.For example, rock, paper, scissors game. Rock wins Scissors, Scissors wins Paper,but Rock loses to Paper. This is a three-part relationship thatthere are three snakes,a snake A bites a snake B's … Continue reading Snake Logic

Viral Infection Control

You have no choice but to protect your health. Aside from your family, you cannot rely on others,local governments, governments, or foreign countries. Ad-hoc defenses, such as gargling, handwashing, disinfection,wearing masks, sequestration, blockade, and coping, are limited. A spoonful of seawater has millions of bacteriaand 10 million viruses. The infection can be weakened, but not … Continue reading Viral Infection Control