Rem is like a ghost in the universe. Not a substance.Not something that doesn't exist. It is something I can't explain well. But Rem says. The ones that clearly exist, the planets,and the creatures that live there are suspicious. If nothing, including the universe itself, exists,you can be convinced with a clean feeling. However, there … Continue reading Rem

Black Snail Research

In junior high school, I belonged to a science club.The study was traditionally determined to be black snail. Black snail is a snail that lives in a stream and feeds on firefly larvae. At that time, fireflies were still common. We put matting on the riverside, prepared blankets and food and drinks, and “watched 24 hours” like a … Continue reading Black Snail Research

Viral Infection Control

You have no choice but to protect your health. Aside from your family, you cannot rely on others,local governments, governments, or foreign countries. Ad-hoc defenses, such as gargling, handwashing, disinfection,wearing masks, sequestration, blockade, and coping, are limited. A spoonful of seawater has millions of bacteriaand 10 million viruses. The infection can be weakened, but not … Continue reading Viral Infection Control