Ideological Police

I do not care anymore.Do whatever! At that moment Ideological Police appeared. "Arrest as a dangerous thinker!"They have terrible turning guns. Whew.It is a bad world. "We do not allow criticism of regime." A conscious wiretapping device seemsto be set in the room. I wonder if someone comrade had been informed.Well, I'm used to being … Continue reading Ideological Police

Let’s Go Home

I got lost late at night.For some reason I can't find my home to go. There are circumstances where houseswith similar appearances are lined upin a new residential area. There is also the situation that I was drunk.But still, it's kind of strange. As usual, when I got home and was locked,I pushed the doorbelland … Continue reading Let’s Go Home

Cape Wind

It’s said that a wind farm will be built this year on the cliff of the cape where I threw you down last year. It was really good that it was not a wave power plant.  【 岬の風 】 去年 君を突き落とした岬の崖に 今年 風力発電所が建つという。 波力発電所でなくて 本当に良かった。 

Nobody Is Here

Quiet quiet Moon Desert Nobody is here Sometimes meteor falls Sand dances But that's it Nobody is here One day The blue star glows Turn gray But that's it After all nobody Nobody is here  【 誰もいない 】 静かな 静かな 月の砂漠  誰もいない  たまに隕石が落ちて 砂が舞う  でも それだけ  誰もいない  ある日  青い星が光って 灰色になる  でも それだけ  やっぱり誰も 誰もいない