Trail of Ants

On holiday morning, I brushed my teeth in the kitchen. I used to rarely use the washroom. Recently, I feel that the number of decayed tooth has increased. And why is the mouth feeling sweet? I was thinking while watching the vaguely white walls. That time I found a strange thing. There is a black … Continue reading Trail of Ants

First Love

I do not know a name Vividly white That profile Dignified Faint love A light dream Young breast hurt   【 初恋 】   名も知らぬ ほの白き   その横顔       凛として   淡き恋     淡き夢    幼き胸を      痛めたり


The world is conscious. There is no world unless it is conscious. The world is not real. The conscious reality is not already real. Reality is expression. If it is not expressed, there is no reality. The reality is not the world. The world expressed is already not the world.  【 断絶 】 世界は、意識である。 意識されなければ、世界はない。 世界は、現実ではない。 意識された現実は、すでに現実ではない。 … Continue reading Disconnection