Specimen Box

I had a girl 's hair cut in front of a mirror. Black beautiful hair like Chinese peacock. I was trying to cut with a pair of scissors while placing a comb on a straight front bang. "I want to become an adult at last." The young girl mutters in a sudden. The long lashes … Continue reading Specimen Box

Magical Stamp

A magical stamp that if posted it it will be mailed anywhere. Every distant place, any dangerous place, any strange place, it always arrives if the stamp is stuck. To the princess in the Milky Way, also to the dragon god living in the volcano, to the mother who can not meet you, if the … Continue reading Magical Stamp


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Upside-down Face

When you raised a sorrowful voice The face you put on in a hurry was upside down And I just smiled I apologize to you about that But I think You should do such a face in such a case     【 逆さまの顔 】 君が悲しげな声をあげた時   あわてて君がつけた顔は    上下逆さまだったから      僕はつい笑ってしまったんだ         それについては君に謝るけど       でもね      僕は思うんだけど    そんな時は   そんな顔をすればいいのに