Tome Photo Museum – Insect

Image and sound: Tomekantyou 193 Insect photos and 1 insect video BGM: Short instrumental music "Indelible Sorrow" "Stone Pit" "No Deep Meaning" "The Mystery That Deepens" "The Wind of the World" "I Can Not See the Stars" "Wish of the Stars" 

Calm Day

The incident happens on a calm day.As if to mislead boredom ... The beginning was the 119 call."A strange thing is flowing in Edo-gawa River." It was certainly strange to be pulled out of the river. It must be a corpse, but it is different from that of humans and beasts. Dare, if I must say … Continue reading Calm Day

Bamboo-Leaf Boat

A bamboo leaf Fold and cutCut and insert Fold and cutCut and insert The bamboo-leaf boat is madeJust flow on the river I hope it floats wellI wonder how far it will flow  【 笹舟 】 笹の葉を   折って切って   切って挿し      折って切って      切って挿し お舟できたら   川に浮かべて   流すだけ うまく浮かべば よいけれど    どこまで流れて    ゆくのやら