Calm Day

The incident happens on a calm day.As if to mislead boredom ... The beginning was the 119 call."A strange thing is flowing in Edo-gawa River." It was certainly strange to be pulled out of the river. It must be a corpse, but it is different from that of humans and beasts. Dare, if I must say … Continue reading Calm Day

Bamboo-Leaf Boat

A bamboo leaf Fold and cutCut and insert Fold and cutCut and insert The bamboo-leaf boat is madeJust flow on the river I hope it floats wellI wonder how far it will flow  【 笹舟 】 笹の葉を   折って切って   切って挿し      折って切って      切って挿し お舟できたら   川に浮かべて   流すだけ うまく浮かべば よいけれど    どこまで流れて    ゆくのやら