Poison Apple

The witch that hides in the darknessis an ugly old woman who casts a spell Boil persistently in a skull crackerand smile obliviously Bat featherLizard's tailVirgin salivaBlack cat's underarm hairBlood dirty walletMerchant's double tongue Round with skull staffShe painted broth and poison apple If you lick it will live and rotIf you eat it will … Continue reading Poison Apple

Heavenly Maiden’s Lament

The clothes of heavenly maiden are brokenThere are as many sad memories As sandsThere are as many wishes as will not come trueAs stars.Would you like to band a demon's horn And shake like a pine needle?  【 天女の嘆き 】 天女の衣ころも やぶれはて 悲しい思い出 砂の数 叶かなわぬ願い 星の数 鬼の角つのに 帯かけて    松葉みたく    ゆれましょか 

Night Cries

There is such a night It seems to cry now It seems to really cry. Even if everyone looks so happy I will cry even more If you try to make you laugh. There is such a night I can not help it I can not but cry anymore.  【 夜が泣く 】 いまにも泣きそうな  本当に泣いてしまいそうな     そんな夜がある。 みんなが楽しそうでも  いくら君が笑わせようとしても     なおさら泣けてくる。 そんなやるせない  どうしようもない … Continue reading Night Cries

Still Life at Night

Moonlight with skewered branches Arms of a stone statue tied to vines These groups have no head Desolate gardenSwamp Pond The palace whose ghosts have collapsed To the point of freezing Is the golden lion's coat Of arms of the royal family? A weathercock That can't even turn around on the roof Rotten stairsFall railing Remains of window With … Continue reading Still Life at Night