Raw Meat

It was after I was abandoned that I noticed that I had rotten. As a possibility, he may have noticed that I was rotten firstand threw me out before I noticed it. It seems likely.Or is it a commonplace story? I was worrying a lot how I could not have him eat me. If I … Continue reading Raw Meat

All Year Snow Tree

There is one tremendously big big tree in a remote place that is not on the map. The summit is covered all over the year by snow and it is sharply protruding white above the clouds. The root of the tree becomes shade and it is cool even in the summer. Or say, it's cold near the … Continue reading All Year Snow Tree

How to Keep a Beautiful Woman

Keeping the beautiful woman is limited.Pedigree is important, but it is not absolute. For that, a strong will is required to keep it beautiful. There are even instances in which the face is truly distorted just by showing distorted mirrors. Well, it is a possible beautiful woman to keep, but in general it seems easier to keep … Continue reading How to Keep a Beautiful Woman

Crying Rabbit

I am a rabbit, a crying rabbit.I am crying with red eyes. Why do you cry? Rabbit.Please laugh. Why? I will want to cry soonEven if I am laughing. Lie crying rabbits can not laugh. I am empty when laughing,I am fun when crying. 【 泣き兎 】 あたいは兎 泣き兎赤い目をして 泣いてるの  なぜ泣く 兎 笑いなさい なぜかしら 笑っていてもすぐに泣きたくなっちゃうの うそ泣き兎 笑えない 笑っていると 空しくて泣いていると 楽しくて