Tome Photo Museum – Flower

Video / Sound: Tomekantyou107 flower photos BGM: Short instrument music"Ship in the Bottle" "Phoenix Bird" "Losing Battle" "Continuation of Dream" "Day of Promise"


How to Keep a Beautiful Woman

Keeping the beautiful woman is limited.Pedigree is important, but it is not absolute. For that, a strong will is required to keep it beautiful. There are even instances in which the face is truly distorted just by showing distorted mirrors. Well, it is a possible beautiful woman to keep, but in general it seems easier to keep … Continue reading How to Keep a Beautiful Woman

Crying Rabbit

I am a rabbit, a crying rabbit.I am crying with red eyes. Why do you cry? Rabbit.Please laugh. Why? I will want to cry soonEven if I am laughing. Lie crying rabbits can not laugh. I am empty when laughing,I am fun when crying. 【 泣き兎 】 あたいは兎 泣き兎赤い目をして 泣いてるの  なぜ泣く 兎 笑いなさい なぜかしら 笑っていてもすぐに泣きたくなっちゃうの うそ泣き兎 笑えない 笑っていると 空しくて泣いていると 楽しくて