The Ultimate Dictionary

There is a perfect dictionary in a library.The definition of the words of this dictionary is perfect. It does not put any figures or photographs on this, and defines words only with words without leaving ambiguity. Of course, there are not incompleteness such as misprints or missing signs at all. If there is a word of unknown meaning, draw … Continue reading The Ultimate Dictionary

Color of Flower

"Look, see, this flower.""Oh, it got red." "Is not it strange?""What's going on?" "Have you thought about obscene things?""Oh ... I do not think." "This flower can read the heart of people.""How." "And when that person gets shy, it gets red.""Wow." "This is a very mysterious flower." "Oh, this time it got blue." "You do … Continue reading Color of Flower

Love Pain

She smiled and smacked my heart. It's just fascination.The tip reached my heart. "Why?""Why do I, so do you ask me?" I desperately nod. "Love is"She, twisting a knife"Kill or be killed." ...I did not know. 【 恋の痛み 】 ニッコリ笑って彼女が僕の胸を刺した。 まさに悩殺的。切っ先が心臓まで届いた。 「な、なぜ?」「何故って聞くの?」 僕は必死にうなずく。 「恋はね」彼女、ナイフをねじりながら「殺すか、殺されるかよ」 ・・・し、知らなかった。