Dancing Flowers

As long as only dancing is flowers What shall we do Without dancing? Even though it blooms and scatters What shall we do Without making fruit   【 踊る花 】 踊れるうちが  花なれば    踊らずして     なんとしよ  花と咲いて  散るにせよ    実ならずして     なんとしよ

Mountain Path

In the sunset sky Crow singing. A mountain path A demon comes out. Beaten with a bar Your eyeball that jumps out. Rolling rolling In the hole of the rabbit's nest. A rabbit appeared And asked. Gold eyeball or silver eyeball Your eyeball is Well, which one?   【 山の細道 】 夕焼け空に カラス鳴く。 山の細道、鬼が出る。 金棒くらって 飛び出る目玉。 ころころ転がり  … Continue reading Mountain Path

Fox’s Married Rain

On light spring day It will rain It will rain Is not it raining of tears? No no That is Fox's Married Rain Don't show it to humans A bride dormitory that must not be shown Here It's Rainbow   【 狐の嫁入り雨 】 光のどけき春の日に 雨が降ります 雨が降る 涙の雨ではあるまいか いえいえ あれは 狐の嫁入り 人に見せてはなりませぬ 見せてはならぬ 花嫁御寮 ほれ 虹が


"Hey, Takashi-kun." "What? Miss Teacher." "Takashi-kun, can you get to this problem?" "Well, wait a moment." "I'll wait, Takashi-kun." "Well, that's difficult." "Good luck, Takashi-kun." "Maybe it will flip?" "Takashi-kun, you can not do it." "Because it's an intersection." "But Takashi-kun, there is..." "I understand, bisect the horn." "Takashi-kun, it's amazing." "Then, seek this denominator" … Continue reading Takashi-kun