A Place That Can Not Be Reached

The shining place is a glory for those who have the same will. The holy place is hope for those who have the same dream. "I lost again.""Well, you too." "I just can not win.""Oh, there are too many strong guys." "Darn! I'm going to give up now?""You said the same thing before this one." "When I … Continue reading A Place That Can Not Be Reached


Broken Icicle

The year of heavy snow When I was young. I'm playing outside Create a snowball And throw it towards the roof Hit a single icicleBroken from the root It was stabbed into the head of grandpa Which was snowing down. When my grandfather convulses And then falls like a dead tree The snow that was all white was dyed … Continue reading Broken Icicle

Historical Intervener

My son was born in the maternity hospital.Historical intervener appeared when I was happy. "This baby will be a horrible criminal in the future. We must purge him before he become an adult." The man explained it while presenting a government issued identification card. "I came from the future through a time tunnel."Historical intervener says. I also … Continue reading Historical Intervener