A Story of Rotten Love

Evening glow of winding strataA decayed cross that builds on a cliff Sick crab is chopping the wreck ship's sail while bubbling Both sails and masts do not know what drives up crabs A lady in the beach opens the shell breastAnd gently crawls with the bare feet of sea slug The tongue of the … Continue reading A Story of Rotten Love

Shaking Boat

A small boat on the surface of a lake that smokes in the fog Yurariro yurarira Shake shake Two vague moons One turret Shaking boat Without approaching If you get wet Silk garment is skin color Nurariro nurarira Wet wet Ripples are disturbed Phosphorus powder of moth Don't blow the whistle The dragon god appears … Continue reading Shaking Boat


Everyone put on mourning to me.I left the house as it was.I was waiting outside.I waited even if the sun went down.Is there someone who saw him?Where is my father?  https://youtu.be/Yy2FXlZaMMw 【 喪服 】 皆は僕に喪服を着せた。そのまま僕は家を出た。 僕は外で待っていた。日が暮れても待っていた。 誰か見た人、いませんか。僕の父さん、どこですか。