Tome Photo Museum – Plants

Image and sound by Tomkantyou 328 plants photos BGM: Short instrumental music"I Have to Be Prepared" "Fun" "Moon That Seems to Break" "Let's Work Hard" "Careful Life" "Prayer" "Seasonal Season" "Don't Cry" "Do Not Chase What Is Left" "Does Not Match the Key" "Hometown" 



When the hearse hits a black cat, the corpse in the car comes back to life.  If you dive underwater and stop breathing, you cannot live long.  If you compassionate the poor, you will be asked to borrow.  If you do not kill the spiders in the morning, the spider webs are stretched at night.  If the same person … Continue reading Superstition

Basement Tragedy

"This is the entrance to the basement." CorridorCorridorCorridor             Step               Step                 Step                   Step                     Step                       Step “Because it's dark, watch out.”           Landing                       Step                     Step                  Step         Blood    Step Blood          Step     Corpse    Step FloorBloodBloodFloor "Ahhhhhhhhhh!" 【 地下室の惨劇 】 「地下室への入口よ」 廊下廊下廊下廊下廊下           階段             階段               階段                 階段                   階段                     階段 「暗いから、気をつけて」          踊り場                     階段                   階段                    階段         血     階段 血           階段    死  体   階段 床床床血血血血床床床 「きゃああああああ!」

Bubbles Break

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\Splat/~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                 ○                  Bub                  ble                   ○                 Bub                ble                  ○                   Bub                   ble                    ○                  Bub                ble                  ○                         M                 e                  r                   m                   a                  i               d     【 泡の割れる 】       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\ぱちん/~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                 ○                  ぷ                  く                   ○                 ぷ                く                  ○                   ぷ                   く                    ○                  ぷ                く                  ○                         に                 ん                  ぎ                   ょ                  ひ                め    

Snow Dance

Falling snow Falling snowIt will fall and fall ManySnow Snow Snow Snow White and smallLetters from heaven Characters are crystal Hexagon Triangle Powdered snow Cotton snow Peony snowStick to the crimson cheeks Snow dancing Snow dancingDancing Dancing Dancing Puppies will also danceChildren will also dance Everyone Everyone will all dance Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow … Continue reading Snow Dance