Help Me!

"Help me!" If a secretly favorable woman says such a thing,in any situation it can not be ignored. I reach for her."All right, more." She desperately sticks to the rocky wall covered with ice. In other words, we are in the midst of climbingand it was in a very difficult situation. Only me and her … Continue reading Help Me!

A Person Not Return

He is family-phobia.He palpits when approaching home. He gets cold sweatwhen he can see the light of his house. "You, welcome back."His gentle wife's smile. "Dad, welcome back."A smiling face of his healthy daughter. "I'm home."Nevertheless he can not make a smile. He is afraid of his wife and daughter.Both of them have legs and … Continue reading A Person Not Return

Cat’s Sunny Spot

It's a small sunny spot like a cat's forehead, made by scratching stray cats living in the neighborhood, scratching them from vacant lots, backyards, and under the eaves, and grooming them.  【 猫の陽だまり 】 近所に棲すんでる  ろくでもないノラ猫どもが     空き地とか     裏庭とか軒下のきしたとか       あっちこっちから      せっせと掻かき集めて      毛繕けづくろいしながら    こしらえたような   猫の額みたいに 小さな陽だまり 

The Man of the Sea

I am a sailor,It is a man of the sea. "If I drown in a woman,I will drown in the sea." Say such a thing. Ah,I can not go back to the port now.  【 海の男 】 おいら船乗り、 海の男よ。 「女に溺れるくらいなら 海に溺れるぜ」   なんてね。 ああ、 いまさら港にゃ  戻れない。 

Come on!

"Come on!"You say at ease With any authorityDo you speak expertly skillfullyDoing such a great deedLike that? Rain this morning  【 Come on! 】 「頑張れ!」と 人は気安く言うけれど  なんの権限あって  そげな大それた 偉そな事  差し出がましくも いみじくも  おっしゃいますやら 今朝は雨