Trumpet Performance by Voice “St. James Infirmary”

Voice / video: TomekantyouCopy song: Louis Armstrong "St. James Infirmary"


Le Loi Square

Drown the night at Le Loi square Moist moon beckons From the treetop here and there Alcohol full as a fountain Look that girl laughs Look that girl dances Drown the night at Le Loi square Burning stars on fire Everyone gets flooded and makes noise Flute and drum and foot step Look that girl … Continue reading Le Loi Square

You Know That

You know You know You know that To you Confirmation I'd like to To you A story to tell It's nothing A-ha-ha A-ha-ha A-ha-ha A-ha I'm going to laugh I will laugh A-ha-ha A-ha-ha A-ha-ha A-ha Because there is nothing Just laugh Oh funny   【 あのねのね 】 あのね あのね あのねのね あなたにね 打ち明け話 したいんだけど あなたにね 打ち明ける話 なんにもないの あはは あはは … Continue reading You Know That

Princess in the Box

The princess in the box Does not know outside Whatever she sees She is in the box Whatever she listens to She is in the box She does not know That she is in the box She does not know That there is something outside Singing and playing   【 箱の中の姫君 】 箱の中の姫君は  お外のことがわからない    なにを見ても     箱の中       なにを聞いても … Continue reading Princess in the Box

The Night of a Ball

Even though it is the night of a ball Nobody invites me. I can not dance Even if I want to dance. I can not even be a wallflower Break down in my room, a floor flower.   【 舞踏会の夜 】 舞踏会の夜なのに  どなたも私を誘わない。 踊りたくても  踊れない。 壁の花さえ  なれなくて  お部屋で折れて  床の花。

Dancing Flowers

As long as only dancing is flowers What shall we do Without dancing? Even though it blooms and scatters What shall we do Without making fruit   【 踊る花 】 踊れるうちが  花なれば    踊らずして     なんとしよ  花と咲いて  散るにせよ    実ならずして     なんとしよ