Cape Wind

It’s said that a wind farm will be built this year on the cliff of the cape where I threw you down last year. It was really good that it was not a wave power plant.  【 岬の風 】 去年 君を突き落とした岬の崖に 今年 風力発電所が建つという。 波力発電所でなくて 本当に良かった。 

I Want That Girl

I want that girl I don't understand that girl I want this girl I don't understand this girl Anyone doesn't mind Where do you want? I want it there I don't understand it there I want it here I don't understand it here I don't mind going anywhere What are you planning to do? Doing … Continue reading I Want That Girl

Before Goodbye

It is really a farewell to usWhat we do with this, But please just a littleBit a little please smileBefore goodbye.  【 さよならの前に 】 これで僕たちは   どうしたって   本当に      お別れだけど        ちょっとだけ      ほんのちょっとだけ     お願い   さよならの前に  微笑んで