Tome Museum – Colored Painting 1

Drawing, Composition: TomekantyouColored Painting: 50 piecesBGM: "Twisted Dreams" "Distortions" "I Don’t Know" "Suspended Bridges That Are Likely to Break""Disappointment" "Repeat" "Time Left Behind"


You Know That

You know You know You know that To you Confirmation I'd like to To you A story to tell It's nothing A-ha-ha A-ha-ha A-ha-ha A-ha I'm going to laugh I will laugh A-ha-ha A-ha-ha A-ha-ha A-ha Because there is nothing Just laugh Oh funny   【 あのねのね 】 あのね あのね あのねのね あなたにね 打ち明け話 したいんだけど あなたにね 打ち明ける話 なんにもないの あはは あはは … Continue reading You Know That