Iguanodon returns to the forest Is it long or short?Is it fun or sad?After a day not know well Iguanodon returns to the forest The red sky at duskToo large that backTo a small silhouette Iguanodon returns to the forest 【 イグアノドン 】 イグアノドンが森へ帰ってゆく   長いのか短いのか  楽しいのか哀しいのか  よくわからない一日を終えて イグアノドンが森へ帰ってゆく   夕暮れの赤い空が  その大きすぎる背中を  小さなシルエットに変えて イグアノドンが森へ帰ってゆく

Shit Town

The map was wrong.It was definite. There was a crematorium in the placewhere the fortress was supposed to be. I was really tired.I can not walk anymore. I lie on the lawn of the park where there was a bridge. The smell of the earth broke.Disagreeable. It is a stool smell. Perhaps there is a … Continue reading Shit Town