I was old for a while, my family, friends and close acquaintances were gone. When I thought that I felt lonely alone, my cat at last started talking. "I'll be your interlocutor." Oh, I thought this was not good. I was aware that my memory was weak, time passed quickly, and I was blurred according to my age, but … Continue reading Interlocutor

Sunken Bathtub

When I finished my work, I got tired and went home and when I took a bath, the bathtub sunk. "Hey, please help me!" My wife came into the bathroom."What's wrong with you?" "Do not you see it?""I do not know." I see.It may be that she says. But do not be convinced.I almost drowned. I … Continue reading Sunken Bathtub

Tome Photo Museum – Ballet

Image and sound: Tomekantyou 546 ballet show photos BGM: Short instrumental music "The Absence of a God so Long" "The Sleeping Word of Pumpkin" "Where Are I?" "Freely" "Screaming" "Bubbish" "I Can Not Do Anything" "A Place I Do Not Know" "Anywhere" "Where Shall I Go?" "Everything Is Anything" "What Are You Doing?" "What Shall We Play?" … Continue reading Tome Photo Museum – Ballet

World Supernatural Power Contest

A global supernatural power contest hosted by an international secret society was held in secret. "Supernatural power" in this contest means a special ability that can not be performed by ordinary people. It is not always a supernatural ability that can not be explained scientifically. For example, the fastest person in the world is also considered as person with … Continue reading World Supernatural Power Contest

Promised Place

When I arrived at the promised place at the promised time, she said, "The promises are different." When I said, "It's as promised," she said, "You are not a person as promised." When I said, "The promise is different," she said, "That's a different promise." Oh.I wish I had not made a promise.   【 約束の場所 】 約束の時間に 約束の場所に着いたら  「約束が違うわ」と言われた。 「約束通りだよ」と言うと  「約束通りの人じゃないじゃないの」と言い返された。 … Continue reading Promised Place

Conscientious Killer

I'm a killer.I do not think that it is a dumb business. Target is for the requester only. In other words, the company specializes exclusivelyin temporary killings from the person, and is equivalent to suicide assistance, consenting suicide and consenting murder crimes. Even though suicide is not punished, including its attempts, suicide involvement is punishable for some reason. … Continue reading Conscientious Killer