I was old for a while, my family, friends and close acquaintances were gone. When I thought that I felt lonely alone, my cat at last started talking. "I'll be your interlocutor." Oh, I thought this was not good. I was aware that my memory was weak, time passed quickly, and I was blurred according to my age, but … Continue reading Interlocutor

Sunken Bathtub

When I finished my work, I got tired and went home and when I took a bath, the bathtub sunk. "Hey, please help me!" My wife came into the bathroom."What's wrong with you?" "Do not you see it?""I do not know." I see.It may be that she says. But do not be convinced.I almost drowned. I … Continue reading Sunken Bathtub

Tome Photo Museum – Ballet

Image and sound: Tomekantyou 546 ballet show photos BGM: Short instrumental music "The Absence of a God so Long" "The Sleeping Word of Pumpkin" "Where Are I?" "Freely" "Screaming" "Bubbish" "I Can Not Do Anything" "A Place I Do Not Know" "Anywhere" "Where Shall I Go?" "Everything Is Anything" "What Are You Doing?" "What Shall We Play?" … Continue reading Tome Photo Museum – Ballet

World Supernatural Power Contest

A global supernatural power contest hosted by an international secret society was held in secret. "Supernatural power" in this contest means a special ability that can not be performed by ordinary people. It is not always a supernatural ability that can not be explained scientifically. For example, the fastest person in the world is also considered as person with … Continue reading World Supernatural Power Contest