A Quiet Person

It is said that when a quiet person usually gets angry, he is scared. Although he is not used to anger, he is unreasonably angry beyond his patience limit, so he will be disappointed. When my father got mad, he quietly left the house, went to a riverbed that was quite far away, picked up … Continue reading A Quiet Person

Strawberry Dance

You eat me, don't you? Are you going to eat me? I am a strawberry. That should be tasty. However, Do not eat me yet. Look, I still have pink. It is somewhat whitish here. I will be tastier. More when I turn red. Can not you stand it? Ah! You drooled. Wait a moment. … Continue reading Strawberry Dance

Blurred Face

I do not like blurred face I do not want to show it To the face I am interested in such things     【 とぼけた顔 】 好き好んで とぼけた顔してる わけじゃなくて そんなことに 関心持ってる顔に 見せたくないだけ