I’m Not Afraid of Wolves

I am not afraid of wolves.Because I have never seen a wolf. I'm not afraid of ghosts.Because ghosts only threaten people. I know more scary.You see, human beings are much scared.  【 狼なんか怖くない 】 狼なんか怖くない。   だって、   狼なんか    見たことない。 幽霊なんか怖くない。   だって、   幽霊なんか    おどかすだけ。 もっと怖いの知ってるよ。   ほらね、   人間の方が    よっぽど怖い。


The Jar

There was an earthquake in a village.It was a small earthquake, so there was little damage. The backyard of the mayor's house has collapsed to some extent. And the buried a jar rolled out."It is a great thing that this did not break, there is no crack." Villagers gathered at the mayor's house and looked at … Continue reading The Jar

Broken House

Building block house Just because I pushed it lightly, It broke. Card house Just because I blew it lightly, It broke. Though they were not originally house.   【 壊れた家 】 積み木の家   チョンと押したら    壊れてしまった。 カードの家   フッと吹いたら    壊れてしまった。 もともと家でも  なんでも    なかったんだけどね。