Cold Water

Pota pota pota ... Cold water drops It falls on my forehead. Forever without limit forever ... I could not move because I was bound. I can not see. I can not hear. I want to sleep but I can not sleep. I want to sleep because I can not sleep. I want to sleep … Continue reading Cold Water

Sleepless Night

Stick a nail in my head and cook myselfwhile reading "Project X" on a sleepless night. Because I do not want to wash cutting board and kitchen knife, biting fish meat sausage. Without a PC and the Internet, it seems to be a rest of life without expressing to the world. It seems that 66 … Continue reading Sleepless Night

Run Away Bird

A bird telling the spring will run away What shall I do after chasing you? What do I want to do to you? I can not take and eat you You can not flatter me singing   【 逃げる鳥 】 春告げ鳥が   逃げてゆく 追いかけて  なにをしようと云うのでせう   なにをしたいと云うのでせう     とって喰えるわけじゃなし    啼いて甘えるはずもなし


Invisible Without sound The water flowing in the basement Regardless of the drought on the ground Undaunted by the wind of the world Only those Who dig deep well in the ground Can get it!   【 地下水 】 目に見えず   音もなく     地下に流るる       水脈は   地上の日照りに     かかわらず         世間の風に           波立たず     地中深く       井戸掘る者にぞ           得させてん