A Young Man

I kept walking. Finally I found a vending machine.A young man stood by beside that. He wore black sunglassesand had an unpleasant smile on his mouth. I stopped putting coins in a vending machineand we knocked down a man to smash. He looked up at me with his head turned overto the ground, and he … Continue reading A Young Man

The Dark Woman

This is the story of my friend. The friend is alone in a dark room.Then, a woman enters the room without sound. She is not an ordinary woman.The door remains closed. A friend called this woman the dark woman.He thought she was hiding in the dark. She looks down at him lying on a chaise … Continue reading The Dark Woman

Thousand Insects

Thousand insects crawl my body. Caterpillar Maggot Dung beetleCentipede Gegegeji cockroachLeeches Slugs Earthworm They wriggle ten thousand legsUpright bristles of hundred million hairs. Uyouyo MozomozoWasawasa KunekuneZoroZoro Greasy Gurululuru Gnawing, swallowing, occupying taste.Needle stab, poison pouring, spawning. Garigari CrumbleChomp BechabechaJigjig GujugujuUhi baboon  https://youtu.be/xlZUUTbbAdM 【 千匹の虫 】 千匹の虫が這う 僕のカラダ   ケムシ ウジムシ ダンゴムシ   ムカデ ゲジゲジ ゴキブリに    ヒルやナメクジ ミミズまで  おぞましき万本の脚を蠢かせ けがらわしき億本の毛を逆立てて    ウヨウヨ モゾモゾ    ワサワサ クネクネ     ゾロゾロ ベトベト グルルルル  かじり 飲み込み 味を占め  針刺し 毒注ぎ 産卵す    ガリガリ ボリボリ    ムシャムシャ ベチャベチャ     ヂグヂグ グジュグジュ ウヒヒヒヒ