Stepped Morning

(Oh, I stepped on it!) I stepped on something uncomfortableon the way to work. It's because my astigmatism is myopia,but I don't wear glasses. It wasn't gum.It wasn't dog droppings either. I'm not sure what to say,but I just stepped on it. I was in a hurry so I didn't have time to check. (Oh, … Continue reading Stepped Morning

Let’s Go Home

I got lost late at night.For some reason I can't find my home to go. There are circumstances where houseswith similar appearances are lined upin a new residential area. There is also the situation that I was drunk.But still, it's kind of strange. As usual, when I got home and was locked,I pushed the doorbelland … Continue reading Let’s Go Home

Cape Wind

It’s said that a wind farm will be built this year on the cliff of the cape where I threw you down last year. It was really good that it was not a wave power plant.  【 岬の風 】 去年 君を突き落とした岬の崖に 今年 風力発電所が建つという。 波力発電所でなくて 本当に良かった。