Demon Mask

There was a cute boy in a big house. One day, when he was playing alone in the storehouse, he found a demon mask. He had heard that there was a demon mask. It is treasured as a heirloom.If you wear this, you can read the hearts of others. As soon as he put on the demon … Continue reading Demon Mask


A Picture on the Sidewalk

A cute boy is drawing a picture on a brand new cobblestone on the sidewalk using crayons of various colors. His innocent eyes.His thin fingers are likely to break. Still, it's a strange picture. A picture of a woman who stabs a knife in a man's chest.A bloody snake crawling on the sidewalk. Passers who look … Continue reading A Picture on the Sidewalk

Basement Tragedy

"This is the entrance to the basement." CorridorCorridorCorridor             Step               Step                 Step                   Step                     Step                       Step “Because it's dark, watch out.”           Landing                       Step                     Step                  Step         Blood    Step Blood          Step     Corpse    Step FloorBloodBloodFloor "Ahhhhhhhhhh!" 【 地下室の惨劇 】 「地下室への入口よ」 廊下廊下廊下廊下廊下           階段             階段               階段                 階段                   階段                     階段 「暗いから、気をつけて」          踊り場                     階段                   階段                    階段         血     階段 血           階段    死  体   階段 床床床血血血血床床床 「きゃああああああ!」