I was drinking liquor by myself. Person drinks liquor.Liquor drinks liquor.Liquor drinks person. So liquor has drank me.What! "Hey, Liquor."I called liquor. "What happened, people."Liquor replied. That's no good.I am pretty drunk.  【 酒よ 】 ひとり、酒を飲んでいた。  人、酒を飲む。 酒、酒を飲む。 酒、人を飲む。 で、酒に飲まれてしまった。なんということ! 「おーい、酒よ」酒を呼んでみた。 「なーんだ、人よ」酒が返事をした。 いかん、いかん。こりゃ、かなり酔っとるぞ。 

The God of Liquor

The god of liquor fell in love.That opponent was the goddess of love. But, the goddess of love does not fall in love.Just put a fire on others' romance. She will not take care of the god of longing.She has never seen the goddess of jealousy. So in the end, the god of liquor was … Continue reading The God of Liquor