Guitar Improvisation Song

If you play the guitar around a burning fire it sounds like an old song. There was a painless love.There was a fleeting dream. That and this everyone, everyone, everyone, bursted open with noises. 【 ギター即興曲 】 焚き火 囲んで ギター 弾けば    古き歌など    聞こえます。 切ない恋も ありました。    儚い夢も    ありました。 あれも これも みんな みんな    みんな パチパチ    はぜました。


Falling Star

One eveningThe stars are falling down Like the snow I saw when I was young Several as well as manyLike a tear of a day when I grew up  When a star falls to the ground a hole opens in the ground. When a star falls into the house The house burns  When a star falls on … Continue reading Falling Star

Slowly Break

Slowly breakNightmare Without any grudges Loosely and looselyLoosely Be disastrously disturbedNightmare Not to get any merit Mysterious and mysteriousMysterious 【 ゆっくり壊れる 】 ゆっくり壊れる 夜もすがら    なんの恨みもあるまいに      ゆるゆるゆると      ゆるゆると あやしく乱れる 夜もすがら    なんら手柄になるまいに      あやあやあやと      あやあやと

Whistle Cut and Paste Medley

Whistle / video: Tomekantyou Video material: NHK Creative Library 【 Cutting and pasting music 】 Mitsuko Horie "Fables of the Green Forest"Narumi Yasuda "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind"Neon Genesis EVANGELION "A Cruel Angel's Thesis"Japan's national anthem "Kimigayo"Anonymity "Sakura Sakura"Morita Doji "Our Failure"Morita Doji "Why Do Not You Take a Sightseeing Bus with Me?"Yumi … Continue reading Whistle Cut and Paste Medley