Before Goodbye

It is really a farewell to usWhat we do with this, But please just a littleBit a little please smileBefore goodbye.  【 さよならの前に 】 これで僕たちは   どうしたって   本当に      お別れだけど        ちょっとだけ      ほんのちょっとだけ     お願い   さよならの前に  微笑んで 

In the Incubator

A huge black dome covers the city. To conceal poisonous sun from people.Or to people to disappear. A bundle of lightwith uniform wavelengths irradiated to the inside. Bizarre images are developed in an artificial night sky. Product advertisement, or screensaver. People who prefer graffiti walls from pure white walls."Because you just broke the bone." Uncomfortable … Continue reading In the Incubator