A Village Girl

A girl in our village

She crosses the field
Crosses the mountain
Shakes the belt
And runs

Flourish hair the village girl
Is the hem of the kimono exposed?

Be careful of traps of hunters
Viper snake fangs

The bales of rice are
In the storehouse of the first man in the village
Two white rice cakes on the chest of the girl

Did you eat?
You try to eat it

Is there any poisonous taste?
Do you want it?

The setting sun sets
And the mountain pigeons return

The temple bells ring in the distance

 【 村娘 】

おらの村の 娘っこ 

野を越え 山越え 
帯をゆらして 駆けてゆく 

髪をなびかせ 村娘 
おべべの裾が はだけたか 

猟師の罠には 気をつけな 
毒蛇の牙は 抜いちまえ 

村一番の 長者の蔵には 米俵 
村一番の 娘の胸には 白い餅 

食べたかろうて 頬張ってみ 
毒味はいらんか いらんかな 

夕陽傾き 山鳩帰る 
遠くで寺の 鐘が鳴る

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