I do not want to see you.I do not want to hear you. I do not want to think anything about you.I do not know anything about you anymore. Quit! You go somewhere else!What do you mean exactly? Keep away from it.Do not hesitate, absolutely. You were not like that in the past.Why have you … Continue reading Rejection


Just like the green surface of a lakeThat lies quietly in the depths of an unknown forest I'm just gazingAt the lovely profile of a child sleeping quietly Oh, somehow already dead, like no deadI'm not alive like I'm alive I don’t care about that anymore. I don't understand why I spill a smileAwake at … Continue reading Slumber

Still Life at Night

Moonlight with skewered branches Arms of a stone statue tied to vines These groups have no head Desolate gardenSwamp Pond The palace whose ghosts have collapsed To the point of freezing Is the golden lion's coat Of arms of the royal family? A weathercock That can't even turn around on the roof Rotten stairsFall railing Remains of window With … Continue reading Still Life at Night

Scars Remain

WindstormHeavy rain As a stormYou are over On the neckOn my backIn a flank DeeplySharply Scars remain  【 爪痕の残る 】 暴風  豪雨       嵐の如く        君過ぎて             首に          背中に        脇腹に     深く      鋭く           爪痕の残る