“Where were you on the day of the incident,
at that time?”

“I was in the prime minister’s office.”

“Do not be silly!”
“Yes. I am serious.”

“Well, so what did you do?”
“I assassinated the prime minister.”

“Do not tell a lie!”
“Yes, it’s true.”

“Well, so is there any evidence?”
“My fingerprint should be left on the stabbed knife.”

“Huh. Such things don’t become evidence.”

“It’s just a knife with your fingerprint.”
“However …”

“It’s probably another person with gloves stabbed.”
“That’s such a fool.”

“It’s a shame. Actually there are witnesses.”
“No way!”

“It is the victim who has been stolen.”
“Well, it’s a lie!”

“The place is true. The alibi is broken.”

“Sure, she was a classmate with you.”
“····that’s right.”

“And you are her childhood friend.”
“… yeah.”

“You admit, underwear thief.”
“… yes. I’m sorry.”


“Oh, I just didn’t want her to know.”

【 尋問 】

















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