Let’s Go With Me

“Hehehe. I finally found you”
“Oh, I was finally found by you.”

“Now, let’s go with me.”
“No, I will not go.”

“It’s because I don’t like going with you.”

“Well, you’re not saying selfishness.”
“What’s wrong. You are the one who says selfishly.”

“I will take you with the power.”
“That’s why I don’t like you like that.”

“Come on!”


“I’m sorry. Your arms are …”
“How about that. I have lost my arms.”

“No way, if your arm comes off …”
“Hm, I will give you that arm,”

“That’s my replacement.”

“But …”
“Do you also want my legs?”

“No. That’s why …”
“This chest too? This waist too? This head too?”

“I am different …”
“My body, let’s fall apart, all you have to do is bring in force.”

“You …”
“But, only my heart won’t move from this place!”

【 一緒に行こう 】












「この胸も? この腰も? この頭も?」



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