A Place That Can Not Be Reached

The shining place is a glory 
for those who have the same will.

The holy place is hope 
for those who have the same dream.

“I lost again.”
“Well, you too.”

“I just can not win.”
“Oh, there are too many strong guys.”

“Darn! I’m going to give up now?”
“You said the same thing before this one.”

“When I was a kid, I was called a genius or a doctor.”
“I was treated as a god in the countryside.”

“That’s all these guys are.”
“Actually, I am only an ordinary person.”

“Now I can not go home again.”
“Oh. It’s embarrassing. It looks like an idiot.”

“Oh, I was willing to die and I did my best.”
“Hm, there was a really dead guy.”

“Oh, I know.”
“He would have been desperate because he had a terrible loss.”

“Maybe … it would be easier to die.”
“Hm. … damn!”

In order to get to that place, 
you have to step through the numerous traps.

Also, even if you arrive miraculously, 
you can only stay there for a moment.

【 辿り着けない場所 】














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