A High-Looking Cow

When I was walking alone on a rural road, 
a cow came from the other side.

It’s a big cow and it’s golden.

I talked involuntarily.
“You’re a cow that looks high.”

“Oh, I am expensive.”
The cow replied for some reason.

“After all, you are golden.”
“But you are a cheap man.”

I was really angry at this.
“Even in dirty clothes, my heart is gorgeous.”

“Aren’t you selling me?”
It is a cow that says strange things.

“Can I sell you to someone?”
“Oh, I don’t mind.
I have to be taken care of by someone 
because I’m getting hungry.”

“If you are a cow, why not eat the grass on the road?”
“It is useless. I can only eat rice.”

“I see.”
Indeed, there are only cows that seem expensive.

【 高そうな牛 】











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