Dentist with Shop Curtain

“Excuse me.”
“Hello. Welcome.”

“I’d like to get a cure for my teeth.”
“Here, please come to the counter seat.”

“Well, maybe, is this a sushi bar?”
“No way, you joke.”

“You are a dentist, are not you?”
“Do not you see when you see me?”

“Yes, a little, not much.”
“Anyway, what shall I hold from?”

“Sushi shop after all?”
“No, you, it is different here.”

“Ah, where are you holding?”
“I’m sorry, I am in a habit.”

“Please check my teeth.”
“Well, open your mouth.”

“Oh, is this a tooth?”

“That’s right.”
“It’s just a tooth.”

“What are you doing?”
“You ask, but it’s a treatment for your teeth.”

“What is it?”
“This is a sashimi kitchen knife.”

“You have good life, are not you?”

“Uga, yeah, goose.”
“Yes, please wash your mouth.”

“Gargle, Pet!”
“The customer, do not gargle.”

“This is tea, though.”
“Was soy sauce better?”

“No no, it’s not that kind of problem.”
“Would you like it as an account?”

“Well, please do so.”
“Shall I give wasabi?”

“I do not need it.”
“You are pushing shop curtain.”

“I do not understand the meaning.”
“Thank you very much.”

【 暖簾のある歯医者 】












「あんれふあ? ほれあ」









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