Mongolian Bandit

“I can see the great plains that are far.”

I see a strangely dressed woman.

“Your previous life is”
The fortune teller said.

“Mongolian bandit.”

“I see. I am a Mongolian bandit?”
“Yes. You are a Mongolian bandit.”

“And then what is that Mongolian bandit?”
“The head of the Mongolian bandit”

“Is that head?”
“No, that Mongolian bandit’s first son”

“First son?”
“No. It is the horse of the first son of the Mongolian bandit.”

“Yes, you are the horse.”

“In other words, my previous life is 
the horse of the first son of the Mongolian bandit?”
“That’s right.”

I got angry.

“So what is your previous life?”
“I am the queen of the Arabs.”

“That’s right.”

I became more and more angry.

“Do you know who I am?”
“I do not know.”

“Mafia’s boss.”
“Is that so?”

“You are a fortune teller.”
“That’s right.”

“You don’t seem to be able to beat me in this life?”
“May be so.”

“It may not be, it is.”
I hate her.

“In the next life”
Apparently the woman got angry too.

“Next life?”
“I am the guard of a Turkish prison.”

“The guard?”
“That’s right.”

“So, my next life?”

The woman closes her eyes.
“I can see the appearance of a poor a convict on death row.”

【 モンゴルの馬賊 】

























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