Abandoned Sea

The sandy beach was covered with a drifting object 
and had a strange smell.

The ocean was dyed reddish-brown and languidly.

There was a figure of a man and his son on the beach.

The boy mutters.
“This sea is already over.”

The man responds.
“Yes, it’s already over”

“But the sea is wide.”
“Yes, it’s wide.”

“This sea is also connected to another sea?”
“Yes, they should be connected.”

“Does that mean the whole ocean is over?”
“Yes, that’s right.”

The boy shuts up.

The man takes the bottle out of the coat pocket.

Boys notice that it is not a regular whiskey bottle.

“What is that?”
“What do you think?”

“I have already stopped drinking.”

“What, then?”
“This is a medicine that cleans up dirty things.”

“That’s true.”

“It’s not a detergent. It’s a catalyst.”

“Are you stealing from the pharmacy?”
“No. I made it.”

“What do you do?”
“Do this.”

When the man pulled the stopper, 
he threw the bottle into the sea.

Then, the sea surface seen from the place 
where the bottle fell shines, 
and the golden light spreads like a ripple.

“Wow, it’s amazing!”
The boy shouts.

After a while, the light became a ring of donut-like light, 
and when the inside was extinguished, 
the blue sea surface was left.

“How’s that great?”

“I had a hard time making that.”
“Like a lie.”

The boy looks alternately at the ocean and the man’s face.

“Now, I’m finished. We’ll be back.”
“Hm? What will happen to that?”

“The ring of light just keeps spreading to the end.”
“So, is the sea clean?”

“Yes, the whole sea is clean.””Great!”

“It’s not just the sea.
If the steam of the sea turns into a cloud and it rains, 
even the ground will be clean. “

“Wow, it’s great!”


“Humans will also be clean.”
“Beautiful or handsome?”

“No, no.”
“Are we good people?”

“No way … Yes, that’s it.”
“Hey, what happens?”

“In other words, when dirt disappears from human beings”

“Humans can not live.”

The boy looks back at the sea.
The golden horizon was shining over the blue ocean.

【 捨てられた海 】

























「えっ? あれ、どうなるの?」











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