A City That Was Burned

It began to snow in the city, which became burnt earth.

The dark, dirty and miserable city 
turns into a pure white and beautiful city.

“Hey, it’s delicious.”
A girl scoops and licks the snow.

“Is that true?”
A boy try to imitate it.

The bell rings at a distance.

“Let’s lift this whole city with the ground?”
“What is that?”

“On such a snowy day, you can use magic.”

“You look down on the falling snow 
and watch out in the zone out.”

“Zone out?”

“Yeah, with a sloppy face, zone out.”

“That’s all.”
“That’s all?”

“Yeah, it’s a simple magic.”

Snow falls on the city, which has become burnt earth.


“Have you lifted up?”
“Yeah, we are going up.”

“The whole city seems to be rising up?”
“Yeah, it’s interesting!”

Again, the sound of a bell from a distance.

“It’s time.”

“Well, how are we going?”
“I am hungry.”

“Me too.”

A boy with a zone out face.
“… I wish I could reach to heaven as it is.”

A girl with a zone out face.

The white town that keeps rising forever.

【 焦土の街 】























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