There is danger in sudden awakening.

Because it is not you, because the horrible Succubus 
can not return to the world of darkness.

Succubus is a demon in the world of dreams.
Succubus lives and hides behind deep consciousness 
like a deep-sea fish.

Succubus can not live in the real world.

“Who are you, who are you?”
“Bad, I have been left behind.”

“Why are you in my bedroom?”
“Was it a dream of this guy?”

“Here, answer the question.”
“Sorry, can you sleep again?”

“Do not say anything, nothing is done.”
“At this time, I have to brush and handle it.”

“Wow, stop it!”

Succubus knocks you down.
“No, I have killed him.”

Succubus will shout.
“Wake up if this is a nightmare!”

【 夢魔 】












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