“This is hard.”

“Dr. What’s wrong?”
“I can not move anything.”

“Then, is your research a failure?”
“No, I have not failed, so it’s hard.”

“Ultra high-performance explosive was completed?”
“Yes, the planet just disappears in an instant.”

“Awesome, congratulations Dr.”
“Do not rejoice. Explosive is in it.”

“What you have in your hand is a test tube?”
“Yes, you do not understand?”

“It’s a liquid. It’s a beautiful color.”
“Wow, do not touch it. It will explode.”

“Explode, what is it?”
“Do not make a loud voice, 
even sound waves are dangerous.”

“Doctor, is not it hard?”
“It’s herd, so I can not move.”

【 爆薬 】








「爆発! なんですって?」


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