Exchange Shop

Easy business will be few, 
but the exchange shop is not easy, either.
It is work to change what you can not replace.

Today as well, harder and more difficult orders come in.

“Change my old wife to a new one.”
“I’d like to make my legs like antelope.”
“Because the direction of the house is bad, please fix it.”

Such an order is still a good one.
It is not impossible anyway.

Anyway, there are too many insane orders.

“Be afraid, I have to replace my fingerprint.
Then, also gender and race. “
“Please make my son’s idiot brain the brain of a genius.”
“Such a star, I’m tired of living.”
“Grab the gap in the universe 
and exchange the front and back of the dimension.”

I really want to exchange my business.

【 交換屋 】









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