Young Witch

Magic can not be used well yetI can hardly remember a spell The Flying Sorceress is also brokenI do not need magic Oh, I am very very sleepy Because the sky is so expensiveSee, the ground is low I can not make a smile nicelyBecause a liar's hand mirror broke I do not want an … Continue reading Young Witch

Summer Snow

If it snowed in the summer It must be cool But it will surely disappear Even if the snow falls in the summer The snow falling in the summer Crazy snow   【 夏の雪 】 もしも夏に  雪が降ったなら    それはきっと     涼しかろ だけど雪は  夏に降っても    きっとすぐに     消えるだろ 夏に降る雪  きのふれた雪