Coronation Ceremony

A golden crown reached the lion. "To you who is the king of all beasts"Such a letter is attached. It is unknown which gift from anyone,but the lion is delighted. He tried putting the crown on his head. "There is dignity.""You look so great." It is quite popular. But, the head of the lion is … Continue reading Coronation Ceremony


"Try saying 'Senokonohiraso'."You will also order again. "Senokono ..."What is it? "Senokonohiraso.""... hiraso" "You have to say and continue!"You do not need to yell at ease. "Senokonohiraso" "Good! Good!"I do not know what it is, but you are strangely pleased. "Next, 'Please do Senokonohiraso to me,' say that." It's kind of a bad feeling,but I … Continue reading Senokonohiraso

Pale Flames

My consciousnessOr phenomenon isThing like pale flameBurn the darknessSwing to sighUndefined shapeIf it is burningIt is thereIf it disappearsIt is not  【 青白き炎 】 わたくしという意識 または現象は  青白き炎のごときもの  闇を焦がし 溜息にゆれ  形 定まらず  燃えておれば あり 消えておれば なし