Sleepless Night

Sleep with a nail stabbed in the head,
sleeping nights, cooking while reading “Project X”.

Because I do not want to wash cutting board and kitchen knife,
biting fish meat sausage.

Without a PC and the Internet,
it seems to be a rest of life without expressing to the world.

It seems that 66 bankruptcy-related bankruptcies.
Then, I think that there are several irresponsible bankruptcies.

Fraud and embezzlement, the president and the prime minister
are easy if it is good to the contrary.

Fold your fingers, 575, 57577,
I do not mind the haiku poet who stick to the fixed form.

If you like to sing, you do not have to read it.

【 眠れぬ夜 】

頭に釘刺して 眠れぬ夜
「プロジェクトX」読みながら 自炊す

魚肉ソーセージ 噛んで吐き噛んで吐き
俎板と包丁 洗いたくなきが故に
パソコン インターネット なかりせば
世に表すこともなき 余生かな

震災関連倒産 六十六社とや
ならば無関連倒産 幾社ぞや などと思えり

詐欺や横領 社長も総理も楽なもの

指折りて 五七五 五七五七七と
定型こだわる俳人歌人の 気が知れぬ

詠んで好ければ 読まずとも良し


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