My Troubles

I am the eldest son of the youngest child
and I have three older sisters.

I am quite younger than my sisters.

All of our parents are in prison.
There is a rather complicated circumstance.

When I was young, my sisters played me as a toy,
mischiefed and laughed and bullied for their daily routine.

For that reason I completely turned my mind
and my sisters became the lowest personality.

“Did you have dinner yet?”
“From now on, I just got home from school.”

“Ah, this guy is cheeky.”
“What’s wrong?”
“This bastard has a plan to deliberately starve us,
going home late on purpose.”
“What … you have not worn an apron yet.”
“Yeah, when you stand in the kitchen,
you are determined to be a naked apron.”
“You decided without permission.”
“Oh my god, is it this lips to say such thing?”
“It hurts, it hurts.”
“Because you want to be tormented by us,
do you talk back?”
“No, it hurts.”
“Because I will bully enough at a later time,
cook as soon as possible.”

In this way, I am still my sister’s toy,
a chef and a housekeeper, that is, a slave.

I do not get too bad, so I am suffering very much.

【 僕の悩み 】









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