Flower Fortune Telling

A soft spring wind is blowing.

A girl is playing flower fortune telling
in a beautiful meadow where the little bird is singing.

“One, two, three …”
That pretty voice.

“Love me, love me not, love me …”
That innocent eyes.

“Love me so much, not love me so much …”
She repeats without getting tired.

Eventually, it is dusk.

“We’re leaving soon.”
Mommy is calling.

The girls are running cheerfully.

“Did you enjoy it?”
Mom asks.

“Yeah, it was a lot of fun.”
That innocent smile.

The door is closed with a girl on board.
The vehicle flew to the sky.

Sunset The first star shining brightly in the sky.

The next morning
the inhabitants of this star are making a fuss.

“This is terrible, I can’t believe it.”
“Here too, Oh, there too …”

“It’s a mutilate murder!”

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