Dusk of Raw Egg

A girl with a fox face on a collapsing wall
is wrapping a snake around her neck.

“What time is it now?”
“It’s around this time yesterday.”

“Then, what time was it this yesterday?”
“I wonder if it will be this time tomorrow.”

The sun is broken and its contents drips down into the sea.

It is somewhat similar to the yolk of the raw egg,
probably the sunset is close.

A cow climbing up a ladder on a fence.
Left and right corners with different thickness shapes.

The girl touches the right corner with a barefoot finger.

“Talk something.”
The cow crowns like a cow.

“Hey, you look like a cow.”
The girl smiles like a girl.

Diagonally over the fence,
the window of the prison pavilion opens without sound,
the faces of the two women float in the darkness.

A woman without eyebrows and a woman without hair.
They have no facial expression.

Even though I waited until the night,
they remained silent.

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